Hiland Book Club

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Join Us For Our Hiland Book Club 

Hiland Book Club meets in the library during homeroom. You are welcome to come gather at 7:30 AM. Come share your love of books with us. Here are the topics of discussion for the rest of the school year. 
*Thursday, April 26: Any book made into a movie
*Thursday, May 10: Common Read: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak or One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus, first half discussion (don't read beyond half of the book)
*Thursday, May 17: Common Read: Same book as you read for May 10th, second half discussion
*Thursday, May 24: Summer Reading (Share books others should read or what you plan to read over the summer)

Updated Research Resources

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Be sure to visit the Research page of our Hiland Library Learning Commons website to take full advantage of all the great resources available at your fingertips! 

Makey Makey

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Come experience our Makey Makey invention kits in our Hiland Library Learning Commons. 

Visit the following sites to learn more
Makey Makey

*Click the image (outside of our schools) to watch Mrs. Pringle's four way Makey Makey switch (music, animation, fan, & stop)

Rewards of Holiday Reading

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Participate in our holiday reading challenge! Earn one ticket each time you check out a book to read from our Hiland library. Earn two tickets for each book review of a Hiland library book that is submitted to Mr. Dages. Redeem four tickets for a seat at the holiday library game day to be held December 21st. Enter each ticket for a chance to win an Amazon gift card. Stop in the library to learn more! 

CS First: Library Clubs

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Are you eager to learn computer coding? We challenge you to join our Hiland Library Learning Commons CS First Clubs! Stop in the library to get started today! Our CS First clubs do not formally meet and are self-paced. Earn a surprise for each Hiland club you complete!  

Breakout Challenge in the Library

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Stop by the library to get started reading a great book that aligns to our breakout challenge! Select a book from one of our library displays today! 

Hiland LifeSpace Survey

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Hiland LifeSpace Survey August 2017

ACT & SAT Resources

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Hiland Library on Twitter

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Follow our Hiland Library Learning Commons on Twitter @HilandLibrary. Find out about the latest Hiland Life Space experiences, new books, research tips, and so much more! 

Free Audiobooks for Teens

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Download 2 FREE audiobooks each week! Sync is a free audiobook program for teens 13+, running May 5-August 17, 2016. Titles are delivered through the free Overdrive app. Our Holmes County District Public Library also uses Overdrive to access their eBook and eAudio collection. Click on this news story for a complete listing of upcoming free audiobook titles (linked at the base of the full news story). 

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