Fun Sites

While at school, the sites below should only be accessed if your homework is completed and no one needs the computers for school assignments.

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Self and Others


Find out how savvy you are when you encounter advertising.

Cyber Security Lab

Simulation game on cybersecurity, meet cyber experts, cyber videos

Stop Bullying

Games, cartoons, and webisodes to help you take a stand.

Teens Against Bullying

Site created by and for teens...identify, respond, listen, & act!

Teen Health

Explore hot topics, Take 5 tips for your life, expert answers, and more!

What is Cyberbullying?

Don't miss this informative and thought provoking presentation.


Amazing Food Detective

Unravel this mystery of unhealthy eating!

Book Seer

Wondering what book to read next? Try this tool!

Cramberry: Online Flash Cards

Try creating, studying, and sharing flash cards online with Cramberry!


Parts of a Cell

Build a Cell

Cells Alive: Cell Models

dMarie Time Capsule

Enter a date for on this day in history facts and stats!

Growing with Technology

Leveled games to increase your tech knowledge!

Peep Research

Watch marshmallow peeps learn to use the library!

Recycling Roundup

Rocks and Minerals

Interactive Rock Cycles

Minerals of the United States

Rocks & Soils

great websites about rocks and minerals

Simple Machines

Cosi: Essence of Simple Machines

Simple Machines in the house and shed


Explore this online graphical dictionary


50,000+ videos for learning


Stuck on a math problem? Use WebMath provided by Discovery Education to help solve your math problems.

Inferences and Riddles


Click the clues to help solve the riddle

What Am I?

Can you guess?


3D TextMaker

Create animated 3D text and images!

Alice or Blender

Create FREE 3D animated videos and characters!

Architect Studio 3D

Design a 3D house online with Frank Lloyd Wright as your guide that you can share with the world.

Art Pad

Create unique art to express yourself.

Once Upon a Mad Libs

Select adjectives, verbs, etc to create stories

Reading Planet

Interactive reading fun

Thanksgiving Activities

Enjoy Thanksgiving activities

Sand Art

Click the box in the upper left corner to create sand art!

Snow Crystals

Make your own snowflakes Snowflakes (requires flash)

Watch for the snowflake you just created Snow Days (requires flash)

Learn about Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley

Build a Snowman or "Ten Little Snowman" (both require flash)

Winter eBooks

Valentine's Day Fun

Web 2.0 Tools

For more fun explore Wordle, Comic Builders, Brainshark, Voice, and more!

Makey Makey

Makey Makey Guide

Makey Makey Quickstart

Gallery of Ideas

Make Something Amazing

Scratch Games

Creative End Products


Make movies with this free 3-D animation software


Take screen shots or create a short video of your computer screen to help others


Dance Mat Typing

Progress through 12 stages of typing lessons in a fun, interactive format

Free Typing Games

Practice your typing skills while playing games

Keyboard Challenge

Return the scrambled keys to their proper home

Keyboarding Lessons

30 keyboarding lessons

Online Typing Course

Typing lessons and exercises for independent study

Typing Web

Typing lessons, games and more! Log in to track your progress